Seek Your Dreams!!!!! December 09 2019 15 Comments

Literally, I just read "POVERTY IS A STORY ABOUT US, NOT THEM" by Kalena Thomhave. The fact: 4 in 10 Americans can't come up with $400 in an emergency. 😪
My opinion (please do not crucify me) Too many of us rely to demeaning stereotypes about who poverty impact. Yes, there is an absolute out-of-control-dealt cards that we can not avoid. There's percentage of poverty that was dealt with no-fault of our own. But, there some parts of poverty comes from our own undisciplined nature as human being. There are responsibility within our household that we need to take care of. We can't blame others for the bad choices we keep making. 🤐 We understand poverty. 👫My husband and I were once broke and can't cover an emergency fund of $400. Heck, not even $50 at one point. One day, we realized this is not an issue we can blame others...this is our own shortcomings manifested! Without guilt and judgment, we decided to do couple things:💑

1. We no longer allowing ourselves to keep up with the Joneses, or the Kardashians, our next door neighbors, our closest friends and relatives.
2. Increase our income! We can scrape all the way to the bone. But if our expense-cutting is still not enough to rise , we will never going to get out of financial instability. We need to get some side hustle(s).
3. We are going to eliminate all kinds of debt especially consumer debt like credit cards and car loans.
4 . We're going to be intentionally intentional about how we spend every 🤑🤑🤑
5. Stop caring about what other people think about us and the way we live. 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅
We want to apologize if this post sounds like we are coming from high horse. What you might not see on our part: it required so much sacrifices, so many crying nights, several self-pity moments, numerous saying "NO" to self for unnecessary spending, wearing the same clothes, packing up lunches, and many more to mention. But, at the end, we have been free from some ideology of poverty. That is why we want to share our hearts! Our experience can be fuel to someone else.
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I have massive feelings!!!! December 02 2019 14 Comments

😅😅😅Sometimes, I have massive feelings of not doing enough for my kids when I am working extremely hard to grow my #business and work a full time job to achieve financial wealth for our family. I feel like I am neglecting my #responsibilities as a mother. I know that feeling all too well with two daughters under the age of 10. I started, and still successfully run, my business from home and have a full time job.

😫😫😫Was it easy? Not at all. My mommy guilt was at times an enormous hill to climb. Happily, they turned out to be responsible, respectful and loving kids. That would not happen if I am a horrible mother. The good #news is that we can all find ways to overcome that #guilt by creating balance with time management, planning and integrating our children in our business. Who else is going to teach them that hard work pays off.

😍😍😍I am sharing you my heart to encourage you to recognize things or people that we may be using as an excuse to not follow our #dreams or to not live our #purpose. Bring them with you on your #journey. I believe in you. You got this sis!


TV Time! November 04 2019 14 Comments

When I was a little girl👧👧👧 (5 years old to be exact), I was a perfectionist. I would cry and have a full-on meltdown everytime I got one mistake on my test. Just ask my mom! Today things are different, I dedicated my life to life long understanding of excellence. I am so aware about the dangers of perfectionism. We must differentiate between excellence and the need to be perfect. These words are not the same. The fact is that these concepts are so different! Excellence can be achieve by giving up the wants and desires of perfection. 🤪🤪🤪

I remember the moment that I truly take out perfectionism. The year 2010, a first time Mom in a very hot summer, I was sitting in my room in front my computer. I was so desperate for approval that I told God I am sorry that I am not perfect. I heard this big voice in my heart..."Marjie, I did not ask you to..."! I know it's God. ☝️☝️☝️

Today, I ask you to be the best; but remember that your best can change from time to time. Keep in mind, perfection is not achievable. This life is not as easy but we can do this! Hope you have a great Thursday! 😍😍😍


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What are you scared of .......? November 02 2019 3 Comments


Hello guys,

Halloween was yesterday y'all! Most fear the goblins and ghost, but what all of us should fear is living a life of envyness and jealousy!

In my younger years, I have wasted far too many seconds in my life wondering how I measure up to other people. A habit of focusing on their various “bests” until I built in my mind a real life Barbie doll (with a successful career as Oprah) who meet all the criteria of perfection. But who can compete with that? Noone! Why? Because it doesn’t exist! Let's keep it real....I know most of us wanted everybody to believe that we all have it together! Maybe it's not us; maybe, it's the platforms that we are now accustom to live by. Social media platforms brought a lot of good (especially to the business world) . Negative side, social media platforms know how to stitch the great parts of our lives. If we are not careful, we gonna try to measure up to the immeasurable.

Today, I am infront of you as a confident woman (who knows who she is and what she stands for). Confidence took years of practice but often I too fail once and again.

Here's what helps me get there...understanding that:
1. Every person have flaws (Noone is immune...Barbi included. She has small small that she most likely topple over if she is a real human being).
2. You are in control (you can take a break).
3. Accept and correct (Don't deny feelings of jealousy. However, don't wallow in it. Correct the feeling-right away by being grateful on one thing! Just one thing. Example: Happy Marriage, Healthy Kids, Supportive Parents, Financial Stability, Waking Up, etc.).

Love ya guys! Let's do life one day at a time. We can rest but we can't quit. I am here with you...struggling with you. You got this! Peace is life!


***My hubby DJ Chris is working last! We miss ya honey ber! Also, credit to my amazing father Virgilio for making our wonderful costumes.


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What is Being Successful??? July 12 2018


Hi Guys,

In general, “success” is just an idea.  Sometimes a foolish idea that is so unrealistic or deem unachievable that drives us to not be successful at all.  

Sometime our idea of success is not even our own idea. It is somebody else’s idea of what success is.  Most people have a default idea of success from someone else, like money or fame. All ideas, thoughts, and emotions that we have we usually got from somewhere and it rules us from inside.

Instead of trying to be successful, let’s change that idea. If you change your idea, everything will not be that gigantic to achieve. Imagine we were hungry homeless on the street, if you could walk into the restaurant and eat your favorite meal; this would be a success, isn't it?

Success is not reliant upon the credit that you find in the world or the world gives you.  Success is the small everyday things that make our situation better than moments ago.  And if you do more of that, then we are all going to be successful people.



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Thankfulness!!! July 11 2018

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Demand Quality!! July 05 2018

  • therealcarletedmondsCarlet Edmonds is a business who voluntarily adopted the practice of people first. Stabilizing the income of small factories and artisans is always been our main goal while providing quality but affordable clothes to our customers. We design clothes and design ways to advance economic, social and environmental practices to make sure that the people sewing your clothes live a fulfilled happy life. 
    As a designer, I want to design and produce #guiltfree clothing. I know who sew Carlet Edmonds apparel by name. I love them like family. Without them, my brand is nothing. And as you wear Carlet Edmonds clothes, I hope that you feel the love from our heart to yours!


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5 Reasons to Always Pack a Scarf October 29 2017 1 Comment

We all have those few essential items that we grab on the way out the door each morning: phones, wallet keys, jackets, and maybe coffee. But what about another item that is easy to wear and even easier to pack? Bringing a scarf with you on your day-to-day excursions will present you with versatile dress options, as well as a layer of warmth in the event of cold temperatures.  

Here are 5 reasons to always pack a scarf:

1. Lightweight:

You have no excuse not to pack a scarf. They are so lightweight that they won't slow you down or add to your exhaustion. They're just as easy to pack as keys or a wallet.

2. Style versatility:

Scarves can be worn in over a dozen ways. Depending the dress code or where your job takes you, your scarf can bend and mold to your desired aesthetic.

3. Fashion Forward:

It's near impossible to look bad in a scarf. Something about scarves scream fashionista from a mile away. It doesn't matter how you wear it, scarves automatically bump you up a fashion level.

4. Warmth:

When was the last time you were absolutely freezing in a restaurant, in movie theater or in your office from unnecessary air conditioning? A scarf is an easy way to warm yourself up.

5. Modesty:

Sometimes, it's hard to predict your schedule in a given day. Maybe you want to wear a revealing top or dress, but don't know if you need to plan for modesty. A scarf is an easy way to make yourself church-ready at a moment's notice. 

And the list goes on. Scarves are able to provide you with every warmth, style and fashion option you could possible need over the course of a day. Consider grabbing one on your way out the door tomorrow. 

Get yours Carlet Edmonds Scarf today! 





Something to think about this Leap Day! February 29 2016 1 Comment

Dear Friends,

Most people think that unhappiness is caused by having unrealistic expectations.  Not so, it's having no expectations at all that sets us up for bitter disappointment,  Dreams, hopes and an optimistic attitude are the stuff that leads to happiness.  Think about it, the words dreams, hopes and optimistic feels open and are filled with a sense of present and future movement!  The word expectation is hard, static and unmovable.  When you falsely expect other's or events to be certain, specific way, you are more likely to be disappointed on a regular basis.

Keep dreaming, hoping and reaching for your goals!




It's been almost a year since my last Blog post! January 01 2016

Hi there,

There's a lot of changes in my company and my home life;  things like my blog posts were not forgotten yet suffers from growth of running a small but fast growing brand! This year, there's no excuses....Happy 2016!  Let's start new...

A good way to start the new year is to  follow your life long passion, you dream has no expiration!  For some that's easy because they already know what they want to do.  But for many, that's not as easy.  So, how do you know what you need to do with your life?   Your life dream that really matter are the ones you'll hear over and over in your head, your heart and your soul.  The one that you've heard in your head for years.  If there's a idea that you keep forgetting, that's the sign that it isn't that important.   Your real DREAM and PASSION, the real important stuff doesn't go away.  After a while, you won't be able to refuse them. 

Why wait...go and make your dream a reality!


Carlet Edmonds



Belted Scarf January 29 2015

Carlet Edmonds Napa Scarf is fun and full of color.
The floral is bright and adds a pop to any outfit.
For this outfit, I had some fun and incorporated two great trends; mixing patterns and a belted scarf. 
Hope you are inspired to try out this cute way to wear a scarf!
You can also view this post at WWW.LYNNLYSS.COM

Blue and Cream Scarf January 16 2015

This latest design by Carlet Edmonds is fabulous. I am loving the pattern and how many different ways I can wear it. In this post I am wearing the cream and blue. There is also a pink and cream in the same print. Such a great scarf that adds some fun to your outfit. My outfit is simple and casual. I wore a dress as a shirt and layered over destroyed jeans, an army jacket and some converse. 
You can also view this post at

Bow Scarf December 19 2014

Hello again, Here is another post from Alyssa at WWW.LYNNLYSS.COM. 
In this post, I am wearing Carlet Edmonds Bow Scarf. It is black and white which
makes it a great piece to go with so many different outfits. The outfit that I
am wearing is a black skirt and blazer with a gold tank, I accesoized with some sparkly tights,
a gold watch and chunky earrings.
I love Carlet Edmonds scarves because you can wear them so many different ways.
I tried three basic different styles in this post and there are a lot more ways to wear them!