Carlet Edmonds recieves a book deal November 19 2013 1 Comment

Dear Carlet Edmonds Scarf lovers,

Yesterday, Carlet Edmonds Designer, Marjie, had her first of many official meetings for her book deal.
Marjie’s heart is to impart to all, especially young adults and women, the ability to make their vision into a reality. 
The book will share how Marjie started Carlet Edmonds with only $200.00.  With no fashion connections, Carlet Edmonds entered the fashion world without hesitation and is thriving.
So how did Marjie do it?
You will have to wait to read her story when the book is released.
Can you imagine taking only a few hundred dollars and starting your own fashion company?
The task seems daunting as the fashion world is cut throat to begin with.
Her book will give you all the insight and the story behind her dream to reality and inspire you to do the same.
Why wait for tomorrow when you can begin your dream today.
It only takes one step forward and the rest will follow if you work hard enough just like Fashion Designer, Marjie Carlet Edmonds!
Team Carlet Edmonds is so excited!
We can’t wait to tell you the details. 
Thank you for all your love!
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Love from Carlet Edmonds Styling Director,
Teryn Yancey