Dream Big! January 18 2014

Hello CE lovers,

You know who you are! I will never stop saying “Thank You”…you guys have been so supportive.  I am truly blessed to have you backing my every move…my every scarf designs!  You guys are there to listen when I speak; you guys are there to lift me up when I get tired.  Most of all, you guys believe in Carlet Edmonds brand and what we stand for!

This is now my life in 2014... I will be shopping for fabrics, meeting with apparel cutters, contracting with contract sewers, and making decisions on future scarves designs with factories, selling CE designs to boutique and specialty gift-shop, writing a book and speaking into colleges about taking a vision into reality.

My dream to be a scarf developer/scarf designer became my reality because of you!  Carlet Edmonds core is you!  You are Carlet Edmonds!  

However, I do not want dreams to stop with me…I want you to do the same! I beg you to triumph over your dreams! Follow your heart! Go after your passion!

How??? This is what I've learn:

1. Take up one idea!

2. Make that one idea your life   (think of it, dream of it, live it).

3. Leave every other idea alone.

4. Make that idea part of your everyday’s goal! (Research it for six months)

5. Then, take action!  (Just do it!) 


Remember, you are created for greatness! Again, thank you for everything! 


Hugs and kisses from your CE Scarf Designer,



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