Beauty comes from within March 02 2014

Dear Carlet Edmonds scarf lovers,

We are a company that believes in true beauty.

That each person is beautiful and should embrace their uniqueness.

That is why we do not Photoshop our models and  never will.

We want our photos and models to always portray our beliefs, and that is Real People, True Fashion.

Why should we Photoshop and get rid of everything that makes each individual model beautiful in their own way?

We believe it is never necessary to make a model into something their not.

They don't need to be more thin, nose slimmer, eyes bigger, eyebrows higher.

When companies Photoshop to unrecognizable proportions it sends a message to the younger generation that the way they look is not good enough.

They compare themselves to those magazine images when those models do not even exists.

It has distorted the definition of beauty.

Beauty comes from within.

It is letting who you really are shine through in your outward appearance and smile.

Our models are perfect just they way they were created, and so are you!

So rock what ya got and be proud of every detail about yourself.

No other person was created like you.

 With love from your Carlet Edmonds Styling Director,

Teryn Yancey