A sneak peek into a trip to the Manufacturers March 17 2014

Dear Carlet Edmonds scarf lovers,
Time for a behind the scenes look into the latest trip to the manufacturer.
I had the honor of visiting the factory for the very first time and loved every minute of my trip.
Here are some moments we got to enjoy!
We made a quick stop to Chipotle for some dinner while on the road. We almost got pulled over but thankfully we didn't! The cop was staring at us in Chipotle.
Here we are in the hotel around midnight getting ready for bed. Designer Marjie and I forgot our pajamas and we made a late night run to walgreens. Our choices were maxi dresses, some ugly leggings and big tshirts. We chose the maxi dresses! We stayed up late talking and finally decided it was time to sleep.
We got up very early in the morning, enjoyed breakfast and started our day! We ventured off into Marjie's fabric supplier and checked out all the new fabric for Fall 2014.
We shopped a little and ran our errands while having fun. Then, it was finally time to go to the manufacturer to pick up the limited edition Spring/Summer 2014 black and white collection. The ladies working there were so sweet. It was so amazing to see how our clothes and accessories are made for even the biggest retail chains! Designer Marjie shares her manufacturer with Connie K! She is a high end clothing designer in Dillard's!!
We also, went shopping for flowers. All the flowers were beautiful. It was definitely flower heaven and one of my favorite parts of the trip. I love to garden so seeing all of the plants beautifully grown was amazing. Every flower you could think of was there from all over the world!
After our errands were done, Designer Marjie took Janice and I to an authentic Korean BBQ. Let me tell you, this was my first time eating anything like this. I was scared at not liking it at first but I ended up loving it. You grill your own meat and veggies right at your own booth. It was fun!
You know you are in a Korean restaurant when you see this at your table. There was even a mouth wash dispenser in the bathrooms.
My trip to the manufacturer is a trip I will always remember.
With love from your Carlet Edmonds Styling Director,
Teryn Yancey