Know Yourself. Face Your Fear. Follow Your Heart. June 08 2014 2 Comments

Dear Carlet Edmonds Lovers, 

Never stop learning from somebody; 99% that somebody has something he learned from life or from sombody in life.

Here's what I learned from Steve Tobak today (below is part of his article): 

Observe people. You see a crazy number of laundry lists of attributes and behaviors that successful people are supposed to have, but if I had to pick one – just one thing that made all the difference – it’s observing people. Everything in business is about people. If you get people, you’ll probably kill it out there. 

Take the first step in the right direction. No, I’m not trying to be absurd. Of course you can’t know in advance what the right direction is. But if an opportunity arises and you don’t take that first step, if you don’t go for it, if you don’t say, “OK, let’s rock,” I can absolutely guarantee you’ll never find the right direction. Learn to say yes ... a lot. If it scares you, all the more reason.

Build relationships. If you’re a people person, then friendships and relationships come naturally to you. If not, it wouldn’t hurt for you to get to work on that a bit. No, I’m not saying you can’t be successful if you’re introverted. Of course you can. All I know is, life is like a tree that branches like crazy, and each branch usually involves a person.

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PS: My joy is to see you find your joy!  God Bless...