Letter to Courtney July 09 2014 2 Comments

Dear Courtney,

As the newest part of our TEAM, we hope you enjoyed your first day at Carlet Edmonds.  We realized that you are probably feeling at least some symptoms of nervousness and anxiety. Rest assured that your concerns are most likely nothing to worry about. The common stereotype is that interns spend all of their time in file rooms, which you will not do (because we do not have a file room...ha ha ha) or fetching donuts and coffee for the rest of the staff (again, you will not do this unless you are willing). 

Kidding aside, we would like to welcome you as one of us. This is an exciting opportunity for you to gain professional experience, learn crucial “tricks of the fashion biz” and begin your inevitable rise to the top in the world of fashion. 

Congratulations and enjoy the ride!


Your CE Family