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Carlet Edmonds Swim Suit Cover Up
Greetings Fellow CE Lovers.
We are right in the midst of the warm summer weather. Here at Carlet Edmonds we are doing our best to stay cool. Myself, as a mother of 3, I find I am spending most of my time at the water park several times a week. The Carlet Edmonds Pareo is the perfect swim companion for these lazy days that I am lounging by the wave pool. The prints are On-Trend and Stylish and the Pareo is convertible and can be worn numerous ways.  
Best of all, these Pareo designs are a transitional accessory in your wardrobe come cooler weather. Instant fashion scarf or vest.
Shop Carlet Edmonds Summer Swim Cover Ups today.  
CE Asst. Style Contributor & MUAH