A Carlet Edmonds meeting & Office Redo July 14 2014 1 Comment

A few days ago the Carlet Edmonds team had a meeting to discuss all the upcoming events and details of our fashion lives. After the meeting Designer Marjie and I headed out to Homegoods, Marshalls and Ross to find some orange and silver accessories for her new office space. We had such a great time scouring all of my fave stores. If you didn't know already, I am slightly obsessed with clearance sections at any store! Especially Target, but I won't even go there right now because I can dedicate this whole post to my love of Target. Moving on... Designer Marjie loves Clean modern lines and bright pops of color. We were on a mission to get 99% of the space completed that day. Can you imagine a life of shopping and decorating? Sounds good to me!
Meet Peanut Sparkles! We came across him on our journey to HomeGoods. Isn't he gorgeous? I would like to know who in the world Peanut Sparkle is going to go home with. I mean how would you even transport him, let alone how big is your house to hold all of his shimmery goodness?
In the end, we had a fun time while working hard!
With love from your Carlet Edmonds Styling Director,