Thank you! October 22 2014

Dear Friends

It’s been awhile since my last blog.  Lately has been so busy and I apologize for not giving you guys update.  Anytime I have an opportunity to speak about the Carlet Edmonds’ journey and encourage people along the way, my heart soften with passion for people’s dream to be their reality.  It’s an enlightening experience to promote love, success and entrepreneurship.  We allowed the space to take part in more, be more and do things we typically wouldn’t prioritize or have time for in our day-to-day routines.  I am very grateful for the opportunity to share my heart to those who are willing to listen.  Here's my sched...

On October 28, I have an opportunity to meet and share the CE story to 100+ real estate agents of Keller Williams Fresno.   


On November 12 & 13, I will promote being a “dream go-getter” at Fresno City College!


On November 14, I will be having a heartwarming interview with Alex Delgado at KSEE24-NBC.


On November 21, I will be in Merced Community College District.  It will be a full day convention of encouraging students, friends, administrators and visitors!


I am very thankful that God can use ordinary people like me and you to touch lives.   What an honor…and I do not take this privilege lightly! Thank you for the people that make all of this happen. 



Keep on that dream,



P.S. Website will also update soon!  Let's give this baby a new face...