It's been almost a year since my last Blog post! January 01 2016

Hi there,

There's a lot of changes in my company and my home life;  things like my blog posts were not forgotten yet suffers from growth of running a small but fast growing brand! This year, there's no excuses....Happy 2016!  Let's start new...

A good way to start the new year is to  follow your life long passion, you dream has no expiration!  For some that's easy because they already know what they want to do.  But for many, that's not as easy.  So, how do you know what you need to do with your life?   Your life dream that really matter are the ones you'll hear over and over in your head, your heart and your soul.  The one that you've heard in your head for years.  If there's a idea that you keep forgetting, that's the sign that it isn't that important.   Your real DREAM and PASSION, the real important stuff doesn't go away.  After a while, you won't be able to refuse them. 

Why wait...go and make your dream a reality!


Carlet Edmonds