I have massive feelings!!!! December 02 2019 14 Comments

😅😅😅Sometimes, I have massive feelings of not doing enough for my kids when I am working extremely hard to grow my #business and work a full time job to achieve financial wealth for our family. I feel like I am neglecting my #responsibilities as a mother. I know that feeling all too well with two daughters under the age of 10. I started, and still successfully run, my business from home and have a full time job.

😫😫😫Was it easy? Not at all. My mommy guilt was at times an enormous hill to climb. Happily, they turned out to be responsible, respectful and loving kids. That would not happen if I am a horrible mother. The good #news is that we can all find ways to overcome that #guilt by creating balance with time management, planning and integrating our children in our business. Who else is going to teach them that hard work pays off.

😍😍😍I am sharing you my heart to encourage you to recognize things or people that we may be using as an excuse to not follow our #dreams or to not live our #purpose. Bring them with you on your #journey. I believe in you. You got this sis!