TV Time! November 04 2019 14 Comments

When I was a little girl👧👧👧 (5 years old to be exact), I was a perfectionist. I would cry and have a full-on meltdown everytime I got one mistake on my test. Just ask my mom! Today things are different, I dedicated my life to life long understanding of excellence. I am so aware about the dangers of perfectionism. We must differentiate between excellence and the need to be perfect. These words are not the same. The fact is that these concepts are so different! Excellence can be achieve by giving up the wants and desires of perfection. 🤪🤪🤪

I remember the moment that I truly take out perfectionism. The year 2010, a first time Mom in a very hot summer, I was sitting in my room in front my computer. I was so desperate for approval that I told God I am sorry that I am not perfect. I heard this big voice in my heart..."Marjie, I did not ask you to..."! I know it's God. ☝️☝️☝️

Today, I ask you to be the best; but remember that your best can change from time to time. Keep in mind, perfection is not achievable. This life is not as easy but we can do this! Hope you have a great Thursday! 😍😍😍


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