What are you scared of .......? November 02 2019 3 Comments


Hello guys,

Halloween was yesterday y'all! Most fear the goblins and ghost, but what all of us should fear is living a life of envyness and jealousy!

In my younger years, I have wasted far too many seconds in my life wondering how I measure up to other people. A habit of focusing on their various “bests” until I built in my mind a real life Barbie doll (with a successful career as Oprah) who meet all the criteria of perfection. But who can compete with that? Noone! Why? Because it doesn’t exist! Let's keep it real....I know most of us wanted everybody to believe that we all have it together! Maybe it's not us; maybe, it's the platforms that we are now accustom to live by. Social media platforms brought a lot of good (especially to the business world) . Negative side, social media platforms know how to stitch the great parts of our lives. If we are not careful, we gonna try to measure up to the immeasurable.

Today, I am infront of you as a confident woman (who knows who she is and what she stands for). Confidence took years of practice but often I too fail once and again.

Here's what helps me get there...understanding that:
1. Every person have flaws (Noone is immune...Barbi included. She has small feet...so small that she most likely topple over if she is a real human being).
2. You are in control (you can take a break).
3. Accept and correct (Don't deny feelings of jealousy. However, don't wallow in it. Correct the feeling-right away by being grateful on one thing! Just one thing. Example: Happy Marriage, Healthy Kids, Supportive Parents, Financial Stability, Waking Up, etc.).

Love ya guys! Let's do life one day at a time. We can rest but we can't quit. I am here with you...struggling with you. You got this! Peace is life!


***My hubby DJ Chris is working last night...boo! We miss ya honey ber! Also, credit to my amazing father Virgilio for making our wonderful costumes.