What is Being Successful??? July 12 2018

Hi Guys,

In general, “success” is just an idea.  Sometimes a foolish idea that is so unrealistic or deem unachievable that drives us to not be successful at all.  

Sometime our idea of success is not even our own idea. It is somebody else’s idea of what success is.  Most people have a default idea of success from someone else, like money or fame. All ideas, thoughts, and emotions that we have we usually got from somewhere and it rules us from inside.

Instead of trying to be successful, let’s change that idea. If you change your idea, everything will not be that gigantic to achieve. Imagine we were hungry homeless on the street, if you could walk into the restaurant and eat your favorite meal; this would be a success, isn't it?

Success is not reliant upon the credit that you find in the world or the world gives you.  Success is the small everyday things that make our situation better than moments ago.  And if you do more of that, then we are all going to be successful people.



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