Who is Carlet Edmonds?

About Us
With no fashion connection and only two hundred dollars, Carlet Edmonds excitedly launched its first scarf and swimsuit cover-up collection under its own brand name. As of today, Carlet Edmonds is one of the fastest growing brands. When Carlet Edmonds started, we knew that part of the company’s calling is to teach the next generation to DREAM BIG!  Carlet Edmonds uses part of its profit to mentor, inspire and motivate students at multiple colleges and universities. 

Our Designer
Marjorie Carlet-Edmonds, known as “Marjie” by her friends and family, has an engaging sense of humor that will charm you.  When Marjie is designing scarves and swimsuit cover-ups, she is inspired by her love for travel and love for food.  Every design focuses on clean lines and on how they can frame a man or woman's face.   She also uses scarves to enhance their natural facial features.  She thoughtfully designs scarves that everybody can wear while enticing the buyers to make it their own unique style.  Marjie's trust in her own aesthetic, combined with her innate creative aptitude, results in appealing and marketable scarves.

Why Us?
When buying from Carlet Edmonds, you are buying more than just clothing. You are buying hundreds of hours of design decisions and experimentations.  You are buying days, weeks and months of failures and frustrations, but mostly, moments of pure joy!  You are not just buying clothing; you are buying a piece of our heart, part of our soul, and moments of our lives.  Most importantly, when buying from Carlet Edmonds you give us opportunity to do something we are passionate about…to teach the next generation to believe in their dreams!

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Join us on our journey!